Gamemaker Tim

NEW: Crystal Wizards

A short management game where you manage a couple of Wizards in order to level up the Crystal. You are stuck in a weird dimension but when the Crystal is fully leveled, you can escape it.

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Arcade Wizard 2

A top down arena shooter where you play as Warrick or any of his wizard allies. Once again you have to save Arcadia from a great evil. There are lots of wizards and orbs with unique abilities. Pick the ones that suit your playstyle!

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Hi, I'm Gamemaker Tim, an indie game developer who makes games about wizards.

You can check out my games here, most of them are free. If you want to follow the development of my games you can visit my youtube channel.

Arcade Wizard

A top down arena shooter where you play as Warrick. The wizard who has to save Arcadia, by getting the Tome of Arcade Intellect back from the evil wizard Alistair. Fight your way through multiple different stages while upgrading your abilities with the coins you collect.

Android iOS

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